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~Japanese Massage in Kigali~

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Do you know Japanese healing technique?

What is Japanese KEIRAKU Massage?

KEIRAKU massage is  acupressure without pain.

It is a dry massage, please feel free to spend a comfortable time with your clothes.

 Easy-to-use body care that can be taken into everyday life without worrying about risk.

You can feel the warmth and lightness of your body with each repetition.


KEIRAKU:In traditional Chinese medicine, it is said that a person possesses the energy, the “Qi”. If the Qi circulates easily throughout the body, it is considered healthy.


However, if because of the daily stress and bad habits of life, the circulation of Qi remains long disturbed, a disease can be declared.


KEIRAKU is a technique capable of improving the flow of stagnant Qi and thus keeping the body healthy.


The excellence of Western medicine is recognized, and it evolves every day. However, in Japan, it is common to “prevent the disease”, that is to say, to cure the cause before it is declared; we want to spread this idea of ​​prevention beyond the borders of Japan.

More about KEIRAKU  (To external page)

❁ Massage menu ❁

◇KEIRAKU Massage

・  15  minutes :   5000rwf      

  30  minutes : 10000rwf                 

  60  minutes : 20000rwf

・  90  minutes : 30000rwf

・120  minutes : 40000rwf

・150  minutes : 50000rwf

・180  minutes : 60000rwf


◇Visiting Massage

Salon customers and introducers can also take home treatment.
・Treatment price+Visiting fee 2000rwf+ Transportation fee will be charged.

◇Office Massage(Monthly contract)

What if you could improve employee performance and satisfaction at a low cost?

You can also use it with your family.

If you have a contract of 3 months or more, this course is absolutely profitable!

・Once a Month(3h×1day)              40,000rwf

・3times a Month(3h×3days)         80,000rwf

・12times a Month(3h×12days)   120,000rwf

※We will charge the above amount + transportation expenses.

​ Because it is a very reasonable price, you can only pay in cash.

 Please make a regular contract for 3 months or more.

❁ Introduction to therapist ❁


No nomination fee is charged.

Reservation priority>>


I am dancing mother.

Please come to be healed by a bright personality.


Good at gentle massage.
You can relax without burden.


Energy hidden in a slim body. We will respond flexibly.


I am good at a powerful massage that firmly holds muscles.For those who are looking for a satisfying massage.


Floor manager. She is fluent in English and French.

A curious and cheerful women.


There is a sense of stability. You can enjoy a relaxing tempo treatment.

KISEKI SPA is currently closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections. We'll let you know when it resumes.

KISEKI Spa Reservation

Please enter the following information to book.

The reservation will be completed when the reply to confirm the reservation is received. 


If you are in a hurry, we recommend making a reservation over the phone.

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